Finance Reports

Trust Financial Management

Our Trust has a strong system of internal financial control to ensure our school is able to thrive.

This robust system of internal control allows Trustees and Senior Leaders to fulfil their statutory responsibilities in full compliance with the requirements set out in the Academy Trust Handbook and associated Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) financial frameworks. This ensures effective governance assurance over:

  • safeguarding of assets and resources
  • delivery of value for money
  • risks of financial malpractice
  • risks of inappropriate use of public funds

The Trust’s system of internal control

The Academies Financial Handbook details what a Trusts’ internal control framework must include. The Trust continually monitors its internal control systems to ensure compliance.

This includes:

  • review of all skills and expertise of key staff and trustees; assessment and self-evaluation including, but not limited to, finance team, CEO, other staff with financial involvement and all trustees
  • review of inspections, audit reports and assessments (Ofsted, external and internal audit, peer review, responsible officer/ trustee reports)
  • detail of the current methodology and systems of internal control and scrutiny.

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